What Spawns Has Our Generation Bred


I had an encounter today with a male of my generation. I don’t know him nor have I ever met him. He is my roommates on again off again ex-boyfriend who, from what it seems, does not have much respect for her. She still talks to him, but that is another story entirely. She was face timing him when I walked in this morning after class. The conversation went something like this:

I walk in and see my roommate and this guy on the computer talking. She sees me walk in and continues the conversation about something or other, I wasn’t really listening to be honest. She turns to me and says, “Do you want to know how we met?” So I said yes, and she explains she walked into class (They met in high school and I guess he was a grade or two above her) and she was wearing very tight pants, and she went to the front to talk to the professor and bent down, and her ass is the first thing he noticed. The start of their relationship. Okay, so I say “How romantic” jokingly. I mean really, if that is how you notice a girl the first time then that really says something about how your relationship is going to turn out right? So this guy says, “Was that sarcasm, Bitch?”


I said, “Well, alright then.” and turned back to what I was doing. My roommate spent the next few minutes playfully scolding him, asking him to apologize. He started getting really defensive. So I said quietly, “I won’t stand to be called names like that, I think it is disrespectful. Thomas would never say something like that.” This guy got really pissed, turned the situation around like he usually does with her, and hung up after shooting her some very hurtful remarks. “I’m sorry about that,” she said. “I don’t care,” I lied about that part. “I just think you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that.” We changed the topic and quickly forgot about it.

Well, she probably did because she tolerates him treating her like that. I did not, I am still brewing over it. What spawns has our generation bred? These punks who think that they can disrespect women and get away with it. Well, that’s it exactly, young women of my generation act in a manner that attracts these kind of boys. These selfish, self-centered, egotistical little bastards who think they are God’s gift to the world. These facebook posing, nose-ringed, “tattoos and snap backs”, bump the bass in my mom’s nissan sentra, I don’t do relationships can we just be fuck-buddies, egotistical losers. I’m tired of it, but I’m more tired that girls actually put up with this shit. And not just some girls, most girls, actually, most of my friends. A gentlemen is unheard of because these scared little boys came up with a name for them, and it’s “whipped.” Mutual respect between you and your woman, and in turn respect for yourself is not “whipped.” Holding yourself to a standard instead of holding a standard of a nice ass and tits for every girl you meet is not “whipped.” Two independent forces coming together and creating a union that is so beautiful and sacred that it actually pains me that a person would settle for anything less is not “whipped”. So the next time I come across one of these boys, I won’t hesitate to give them a piece of my mind because I am tired of this tomfoolery. Girls, start having some self respect, guys stop being losers (not all of you! I know there are good guys still left in the world, I can attest to this) I am tired of being ashamed of this new generation bred from the internet age. Get off your iphones and start using your brains.



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