Trying to eat healthy in College


sucks. Completely blows.

First of all they force you to buy a meal plan for their stupid cafeteria.

Which sucks.
And makes a fine rationalization for your dad to tell you not to spend money on groceries.

Plus your a vegetarian. You tried out veganism over summer and actually really liked it, so for the first semester you went for it. It was a terrible time and you lived off of peanut butter and crackers for four months.

The sad excuse for a salad bar has produce that tastes like it’s been sitting out for days.

Most of the crappy food they make is smothered in crappy sauce to attempt to disguise its crappiness.

All attempts to eat healthy through out the day culminate in a bowl of oatmeal, a crappy salad, hunger, mood swings, and forfeiting to a grilled cheese by the end of the night.

You passed up onion rings though.

Good Job.


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  1. I hear ya. I’ve never lived in res but I work in a restaurant at UBC and I don’t know how anyone does it–eating restaurant or cafeteria food all the time and you’re not even allowed a hot plate in your own room!! I would go crazy without being able to control my own food options. Maybe try living off campus next year!

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