New Goal


I want to compete in a half marathon.

This is just something that came to me today, while I was lying in bed among crumpled tissues, half drunken bottles of tangerine emergen-c water, cough drop wrappers, and a tube of chap stick.

I hate running. High school was mainly a blur of soccer/volleyball/cheer/tennis coaches standing by with a stop watch timing sprints, suicides, miles, whatever. Run laps until you think you’re going to pass out, then run some more.

Ugh, I did not enjoy that.

I never looked at running as something to enjoy. It’s like, why would people willingly submit themselves to that.


But there have been moments when I run and run, and there is a point when I can’t feel the burning in my legs anymore, my thumping heart beat subsides and my lungs stop gasping for air. All I can feel are my steady legs hitting the road, and I feel at peace.

I have had two dreams recently. The first one involved me running to my old house where I grew up. I was in cowboy boots (dreams are awesome) and I was running and running, and it was awesome. I didn’t get tired and I felt so free. Like I could just run anywhere in the world to get where I wanted to go, like Forrest Gump.

The second dream took me back to high school. We were running wind sprints for a soccer practice. After practice was done everyone went to the side, but me and a few other people kept going. Every time the whistle blew I would sprint and it would feel so rewarding to be able to push past the pain and just run.

Any way I also like the idea of being able to work up to something. I don’t even think I could run a mile at this point, even if I wasn’t sick. I’m basically starting from scratch. I want to compete in the Nike women’s marathon in October. It’s like October 1st or something. They have the full marathon and half marathon course. The half marathon is 13.1 miles all around San Francisco. I just feel like this is something I really want to do, and I think it will be really rewarding if I can accomplish this goal.

I have 7 months.


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