Just Me?


I’ve walked into the men’s bathroom twice in the past month. Seriously? And no not a casual bump against the door and notice the sign before turning away, I’m talking big production, walk in there like I own the place, check myself in the mirror and turn to see the look of horror on the guy’s face next to me. Yeah not once… twice.
First it was at a movie theater in Berkeley, I went to see Les Mis with my sis her boyfriend and Thomas. I had to leave the theater multiple times due to coughing fits, so I ran into the bathroom to wash my face and when I look up this 30 something bald man was drying his hands and giving me this “what the hell are you doing” look. Well, that’s encouraging. And to top it all off I get to walk out and see the people working the candy counter give me the slightly confused face, then a look of dawning comprehension and finally fits of giggles.¬†Assholes.

And then tonight I had to pee so bad so I ran up to the mp building before journalism. I have class on the third floor but just decided to use the second floor bathrooms because they were closer. Too bad some twisted prick decided that the second floor men’s bathrooms should be where the 3rd floor women’s bathrooms are. Jerk. I practically whipped off my pants flying through the door, definitely scarring some asian exchange students in the process.

Welcome to my life.


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