I came, I partied, I conquered


So I ended up going out last night

and surprisingly

I had fun… and I wasn’t socially retarded

Actually I let loose a little last night and came out of my shell. We first went to the house party, which was in military housing so it got shut down by like 11:30. It was pretty fun though, maybe like 100-150 people were there. I just had a couple drinks and milled about talking to people and meeting other students from UH. Then the cops came and people started freaking out. It was kind of funny actually, it was chaotic with people screaming and running away, and I was just standing there, sipping my beer, because I knew the cops weren’t going to start hand cuffing people, they were just chillin outside in their cars waiting for a noise complaint. People need to handle their shit better, I think that is the theme of the night.

So we dug and moved the party to a frat house out in UH. It was chill, they had beer pong and a keg, and I met some pretty cool people. I just want to talk to people and get to know them, but it’s like I’ll start having a conversation with a guy and we’re just talking about life and school and stuff, but he feels the need to try to hit me up. I have a boyfriend, but as soon as i say that they literally walk away. Whatever, I did use my feminine wiles to get a picture with this dudes hat. He was being all shady and wouldn’t let me borrow it, so I had to chat him up a bit until he reluctantly let me wear it…. totally worth it.



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