Do I have a caffeine sensitivity or something?


I almost never drink coffee, because instead of it being a pick-me up, I’m left fatigued, nauseous, light sensitive, and with a head ache. Is this just me? I feel left out of the club or something, what am supposed to do at three in the morning when I have a 10 page paper due in 6 hours (this would almost never happen though, I tend to get shit done.) Or I want to wipe the tiredness off my face for my early am class?

I went to Starbucks today and unknowingly ruined the rest of my day with a small iced green tea, unsweetened and everything. I couldn’t concentrate in class, my head was pounding, and my eyes hurt. I went home and had to curl up in bed. Only after drinking two bottles of water did I begin to feel relief. I usually only feel this way after drinking coffee, and I drink tea all the time, just usually decaffeinated I guess. I used to drink coffee all the time in high school, black with 2 sweetnlows, so why the sudden sensitivity to caffeine? 

Either way I am so done with caffeine anything. Decaf for me please


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