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Don’t grab the wheel, readjust the car.


I came across a really interesting video by one of my favorite youtubers Elliott Hulse. This guy is just a boss at life, and I would suggest listening to a few of his rants, he is definitely on the next level. He answered a question from this guy who lost 20 pounds then gained it back, then lost it again, and is starting to gain it back, and he basically wanted to know why he keeps sabotaging himself. 

An interesting question. I’m sure many people experience this, you get fed up with the way things are whether it’s your diet, or fitness, or maybe living life how you want to, so you change and totally turn things around. Maybe you start eating really healthy or start going to the gym every day. But eventually you start reverting back to your old ways of eating potato chips on the couch, or waking up from a sugar coma, wondering how all these chocolate bar wrappers ended up in your bed. When was the last time you went to the gym? Oh right two weeks ago. That yoga class you promised you go to was just a little too early for your sleep schedule, and it’s Sunday anyway, your day to veg out in front of the tv and procrastinate on homework for tomorrow.

Then one day you wake up and see that things need to change, and on goes the vicious cycle.

Elliott compared this cycle to driving a car. 

Imagine your just driving along, chillin with your arm hangin out the window, but your car has this problem. It tends to swerve off to the side of the road every time you ease up on the wheel. You just want to coast, but every time you loosen your grip, your car starts to drift off the road. It’s really bugging you and giving you a lot of tension trying to keep this wheel straight, but if you don’t you’ll most likely swerve off the road and hit a tree… ouch.

Well if your car’s got something wrong with it, it’s not the steering wheel, your tires need to be readjusted. See where I’m going with this?

It’s like life. When you see that you’re headed in the wrong direction you grab the steering wheel, take control head on. But constantly being on a diet or forcing yourself to hit the gym even though it’s not the thing you want to do tends to be an annoyance, like having to grip that steering wheel. But by readjusting the car, you can easily coast while still staying on the right road.

Readjusting is the hard part, but it pays off in the long run. And I’m starting to realize why meditation and yoga are so important. It all starts with a healthy mind before anything, and a healthy everything else will follow. Taking that 20 or 30 minutes out of my day to just sit in silence and clear my mind really helps me to not be bogged down by stupid things that just sap my energy. With that I am able to have a clear mind that reminds me to keep drinking water and to put down that chocolate bar! Even as I am writing this my mind is setting off a little ringer telling me to go to bed so I can have a restful 8 hours of sleep and hop out of bed at 6 am tomorrow to start another great day.

life is great 🙂

So I hope you enjoyed my little rant and hopefully you see that sometimes it’s not about how tight you grip the wheel, but how well you can adjust the car 🙂


If It’s Not Honey… What Is It?!


Ughh I am so disgusted with food at the moment, everywhere I turn I am fighting tooth and nail just to make sure that what I am eating is real food and not this artificial crap they try to pawn off on us. When I was up in Oregon with my boyfriend and his family over christmas, they had a big jar of this amazing wild organic honey that they got from the farmers market. I was addicted, and drizzled it on my oatmeal, put a spoonful in my tea, and spread it on my toast every day. The bottle I bought from the grocery store last week definitely did not taste anywhere close to that honey I had in Oregon. So I did my research and surprise it’s not actual honey.

75% of the honey in grocery stores and 100% of drug stores honey is “devoid of this telltale evidence of its origins, and therefore does not qualify as honey by the FDA’s own standard.” No bee pollen= no honey.

“It’s no secret to anyone in the business that the only reason all the pollen is filtered out is to hide where it initially came from and the fact is that in almost all cases, that is China. Not only is low cost Chinese honey forcing many American bee-keepers out of business, but the unregulated liquid is often heavily adulterated with high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners, as well as being tainted with chloramphenicol, heavy-metal toxins and a witches brew of agro-chemicals, including some illegal animal antibiotics, which are fatal to a small percentage of the population.”

You can read more here. Or simply google “Is store bought honey real”

UGH!!! So not only is this not real honey I’m eating, it is also laced with corn syrup, chemicals, toxins, and antibiotics??

So just a rule of thumb, if it’s in the bear jar, it’s probably not real honey.

I dropped 13$ on a jar today. Raw, organic, the good stuff. Best decision EVER. I can now sleep with peace of mind that my honey won’t be tainted. Now to tackle all that other crap they mislabel as “food.”

Heart Speak


I want to master words. I want to be able to dictate exactly what I am feeling or thinking to others. I know that is impossible because we can never truly know what another may be feeling, or understand the exact thought they have, but regardless having the power to control your words is commanding. I am fed up and frustrated with not being able to properly dictate my thoughts, and I know this can be done. I just need to turn off the filter of my brain and let my heart speak.

Hello Lovelies


Happy March xx

I’m feeling exceptionally british today

Maybe it’s because the British boy in my Lit class just gave a presentation and I can’t get his accent out of my head

I also spilled some porridge on my hand this morning
It was quite hot really.

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It sounds quite nifty really

And on a final note, I had some carrot cake cheese cake just now. It was heavenly until about the third bite when I felt like I was going to sink right through my bed.