Taking The Plunge


Well it’s officially official. In six weeks time I will no longer be a student at Hawaii Pacific University. 

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over. Although I am so relieved to be leaving Hawaii and starting the next leg of my journey in California, I have to say that I have had some incredible experiences here. Most of them were not good incredible, I’ve had a lot of sadness and depression because I just don’t feel like this is where I belong, but through my struggle I’ve had a lot of time to be alone and reflect on myself and what I really want to do. I have grown so much as a person through this experience and I feel better prepared for my next adventure in life. That is what I would consider my good incredible experience.

And on top of everything I got to try a year of college, take a bunch of classes that interest me, and know now that English/Journalism is something I definitely want to pursue in the future.

I don’t know what the next year will have in store for me, but I do feel much better prepared to face it now that I know what I don’t want to do.

And I have just tapped in to the infinite source of free online courses offered by the top universities in the country. This just blows my mind that all of this knowledge that students pay thousands of dollars for is just sitting on my computer waiting to be absorbed by my brain 🙂 The first course I downloaded was a Yale course on the Introduction to New Testament History and Literature and it is absolutely brilliant. 

The way I see it, just because I am taking a year off school does not mean that I have to halt my learning. I will never stop being a student, learning gives me joy and fulfillment and I never want to stop stuffing my brain full of cool stuff.

And I miss my boyfriend!!! Seriously this long distance thing kind of sucks sometimes. But at least he is in my life, so for that I can be thankful


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  1. Yep, the amount of free or really cheap education that’s available online these days is great! I’m taking an online course in crystals at the moment. I’m thinking about exploring Wicca too …

      • True, it doesn’t have the group atmosphere. I guess I’m a bit of a loner so that doesn’t bother me. But like you say, free is free. And free knowledge is great. 🙂

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