5 am


It is 5 am.
I have a horrible headache and my right arm feels as if it has been cut off and reattached.
Was last night worth it?
Fuck yes.
Last night was probably the best night of my first year of college. Ironically it’s the last night I’m here as I leave today. So to sum up my experiences in a few sentences here is what I learned from this year:

1. It’s okay to be outgoing.
I know this one’s probably pretty obvious to most people but for some reason I’ve always been scared to talk to people. Maybe I’m afraid that they will judge me or something (which is a stupid fear to begin with.) Well if they judge me for being outgoing then obviously I know that I probably shouldn’t be hanging out with them in the first place right?

2. Definitely have liquor before beer. Have anything before beer on that note.

3. Don’t hang out with people you don’t want to hang out with.
This one is huge for me. I almost feel like I’ve wasted an entire year hanging around people who are completely… Well I don’t want to put anyone down but let’s just say on the shallow end of the swimming pool. As much as this bums me out that I didn’t find the people I could really connect with until the end of semester, this was a valuable lesson I needed to learn. I know the difference now between people I do and don’t want to hang out with.

4. It’s okay to be alone too.
I’m still learning this one. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

5. Bunnies don’t make good dorm room pets. Especially when they want to claw the shit out of your arm.

6. Be yourself.
Another obvious one but it is still a valuable lesson I learned. We’ve been told this our entire lives and I’ve always thought… Well yes obviously. Who else would I be right? This one’s tricky. Trying to fit in can sneak up on you. Aside, I’m fucking awesome and people deserve to see that.

7. Well I don’t really have a seven. I don’t know why I have silly string in my hair either. Oh I know! If your roommates boyfriend is smoking weed in your room that happens to be by the student center. Just get out. Leave the room. I don’t care if it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re trying to sleep. Getting written up is just not worth it.

And on that note I’m going to try to catch some Zzs before I have to finish cleaning the atrocity that is my room.
I think I smoked a Cuban cigar last night.
Okay good night!


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