I am a Goddess Warrior,
A mixture of divinity and strength.
I am faith and courage.
I am being and doing.
I am Love and Will.

I am the Great Adventurer,
Feminine and Masculine, shining in One.
Integration is my goal,
Creation, my pleasure, and
A centered self, my mode of play.

Motivated to express my inner creativity,
And follow my heart’s desire,
I move with purpose and surrender,
To actualize my individuality,
Within the circle of humanity.

Let me do my work in the world.
Let the illumination of my heart be
Divine Love serving Divine Will…
Let wholeness and enlightenment
Be my way.

Living behind a shield of love and integrity,
Spontaneously in the present,
Doing perfect actions,
I conquer and forgive my adversaries, and
Become a Living Light.

From the book Awakening Female Power: The Way of the Goddess Warrior

I am a Goddess …


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