A New Direction


I’ve decided to start taking this blog in a new direction. A bit more focused than just the daily ramblings of my life. I want to blog about something that I am passionate about and that other people might be interested in reading. I have been searching for a good blog that can give me reliable information and advice about living naturally. While there are some great blogs out there I face a few encounters in my search to live a natural and healthy life.

1. I am a girl. Most natural living blogs don’t take into account the fact that I like wearing makeup and deodorant, and I’m not gung  ho on giving that up completely.

2. I don’t have endless amounts of money in my disposal. While that would be great to be able to throw away hundreds of dollars on the most eco friendly fair trade yerba matte cacao infusion body butter, I simply don’t have those resources. I usually find that 9 times out of 10, the simplest answer is also the cheapest.

3. I want a blog that will incorporate all aspects of natural living, not just food, or makeup, or giving the DL on the nitty gritty stuff that Monsanto doesn’t want you to know. I’m talking product reviews, tips, tricks, recipes, research, and basically anything and everything that will make my quality of life healthier and happier.

So since I cannot find a blog that incorporates everything I need, I am going to attempt to create it myself. A trendy girl’s approach to living naturally. I deem it The Naturalista.



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