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A New Direction


I’ve decided to start taking this blog in a new direction. A bit more focused than just the daily ramblings of my life. I want to blog about something that I am passionate about and that other people might be interested in reading. I have been searching for a good blog that can give me reliable information and advice about living naturally. While there are some great blogs out there I face a few encounters in my search to live a natural and healthy life.

1. I am a girl. Most natural living blogs don’t take into account the fact that I like wearing makeup and deodorant, and I’m not gung  ho on giving that up completely.

2. I don’t have endless amounts of money in my disposal. While that would be great to be able to throw away hundreds of dollars on the most eco friendly fair trade yerba matte cacao infusion body butter, I simply don’t have those resources. I usually find that 9 times out of 10, the simplest answer is also the cheapest.

3. I want a blog that will incorporate all aspects of natural living, not just food, or makeup, or giving the DL on the nitty gritty stuff that Monsanto doesn’t want you to know. I’m talking product reviews, tips, tricks, recipes, research, and basically anything and everything that will make my quality of life healthier and happier.

So since I cannot find a blog that incorporates everything I need, I am going to attempt to create it myself. A trendy girl’s approach to living naturally. I deem it The Naturalista.



Simple and Delicious Breakfast


2013-07-02 06.59.20


Last night I finally got around to putting together a chia seed breakfast pudding and it came out amazing! It was the perfect post workout meal this morning and it was so simple. All I did was combine 2 tbs chia seeds with 8 tbs of unsweetened coconut milk (SoDelicious is my fav brand) along with a mashed banana and a splash of vanilla and let it sit overnight. The chia seeds soak up the liquid and turn into giant gelatinous tapioca-like squishies. This morning after I did my 30 min of cardio I got to enjoy this tasty meal which I topped with dried fruit (apricots, dates, pears, and cranberries) and some almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and chocolate chips. This is definitely my new favorite breakfast… yummmm!

Boy Meets World Was The Best Show Ever


It’s a Wednesday morning at my house. The sun is shining, the coffee is brewing, the eggs are cooking, and a Boy Meets World Marathon is on ABC family. Could life get any better?


No, probably not because Boy Meets World is the greatest show in the history of tv shows. I mean, maybe I’m biased because I grew up watching this show and so I feel like it taught me everything I need to know in life… but… no that’s pretty much what makes it the greatest show ever.


My favorite thing about this show is that it’s funny without trying to hard, sentimental without being corny, and at the end of the day there is always some moral that you can come away with.


And of course there is Corey and Topanga.


Yes… it’s totally possible to find your soulmate in 6th grade!


But mostly… I just find Boy Meets World funny



And of course Mr. Feeny taught me some important life lessons.


Now if you’ll excuse me I have a marathon to get to 🙂

Calorie Counting, Yoga, and Zombie Love Stories


It’s summer!!!!!!!!

And I also have two more months to be a kid until I move off into the big bad city. It’s been pretty awesome so far. I am hanging out with my friends from high school, playing with my dogs, going to the beach, and just not worrying about adult stuff because I have the rest of my life to do that.

But I am trying to get in shape. So far it’s been awesome. I work out every morning and go to yoga several times a week. Yesterday I hit up a 75 minute vinyasa flow class and it was incredible. We were trying head stands and back bends… shit was getting cray. Then I went with some friends to an hour of turbo kick which I was reluctant about, but I got into it eventually. The only problem with working out a lot is I get incredibly hungry and I just eat everything without thinking. Then I feel bad but then it just repeats like a vicious cycle. I figure that the only way I can combat this problem is to do the dreaded counting of calories.


It’s a pretty awful thing to subject oneself to. I get cranky and frustrated, but I can’t really think of anything else and I don’t want to set my self back with my progress. The thing about being a girl is that if you eat a lot of food and work out then you get the bulky look, and that’s not cute. So I’m busting out the measuring cups for this one.

And lastly I saw the most adorable movie ever yesterday. Warm bodies absolutely made me melt. I died. I can’t… I just cannot handle how cute that movie was. Seriously… what are you doing. Go watch that movie.



Things Disney Movies and Taylor Swift Taught Me That I Now Have To Unlearn


Like most kids my parents let me watch disney movies when I was growing up.
And like most kids I had every single movie on video tape, and I would watch them… on repeat.
I was especially attracted to the princess movies, I mean… what little girl doesn’t watch Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and idealize abut the day when her knight in shining armor is going to ride up and whisk her off into the sunset. It’s a nice fantasy and it made me feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside; it still does from time to time and lately Disney has been airing some of my favorite movies from the good old days. I had some time to sit down and ponder how these movies affected me and other girls growing up, and now that I think about it I can imagine that some of the messages kids might unintentionally take away from these movies can severely mess with their idea of what it means to live “happily ever after.”

Take for example…

The fact that the names of the princes from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc are not really important (or even mentioned??) Props to you if you can remember any of their names. It seems that it doesn’t really matter what their names are… just that they are tall, handsome, light on their feet, and have the white horse thing going for them. Even in movies where the protagonist is a guy like Quasimodo, besides being caring, compassionate, and an all around great guy, he ends up getting friend zoned because Esmerelda would rather be with… what’s his name again??
So what does this mean for little girls all over the world who fantasize about their princes. Does personality  matter or do they just need to have a dazzling smile and a deep wallet?

Having to compromise yourself to win the princes affections. I know from personal experience that girls do this all the time. A girl can be completely normal, but when there is a guy(s) around she goes into psycho flirt mode and cannot let any part of her actual self seep through this vicious facade. Ariel did it. I mean she swapped her fins for legs and gave up one of the most incredible things about her, her freaking voice. But hey, it’s not like she had anything important to say right?

Shout out to Taylor Swift on this next one. Go for the jerks because deep down they really are good guys, they just treat you like dirt because they have an inferiority complex. Belle put up with aggressive and verbal abuse from beast, but it payed off in the end when he turned into the hot prince. T Swift is probably the epitome of this example because 16 times out of 16 she goes for the assholes. She’s even started owning up to this in her songs… I mean come on “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” ? Really, but you went for it any way… what kind of message is this giving to young impressionable girls?

Beauty, not hard work, will get you things. This one was pretty much the moral story of Cinderella. Yes she worked her ass off, but at the end of the day the Prince chose her because she was beautiful and she had impossibly small feet…

And my favorite one of all and probably the biggest lesson that girls come away with: you need a guy to complete you. You need a prince charming to make your life worth living. Mulan wasn’t good enough for Shang until she saved an entire country. Every story ends with the princess living happily ever after, even if it means compromising everything about herself. In the end it’s worth it because it has been drilled into our heads that this is the end all be all of happiness. It’s the fairytale ending that little girls everywhere dream of having. It’s the reason why the wedding industry makes billions of dollars on couture lace gowns and white doves, and also why 50% of marriages end in divorce. There is no happily ever after, there is only right now and if you love some one, forget all of the bullshit expectations and accept them for who they really are. I’m going to wrap this up with one of my favorite quotes:

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

And also a collection of my favorite disney hipster princess memes… I enjoyed picking these out way too much










And we can’t forget Taylor…




Lately I’ve been questioning a lot of things that I was taught in (Catholic) school

I was eight years old when I learned that God created the light and dark, then the earth, the water and the land, the animals, the plants and the people in seven days. I learned that eve coaxed adam into eating the apple and that’s why humans are born into sin and can’t live in the garden of eden.

Okay so… what the fuck?

Is more or less what I was thinking when I was taught this… as well as through out middle school when we learned in science class that humans evolved from monkeys, up into high school when I still fought with the idea that I was born a sinner. I had no choice, and these two assholes picked this fruit from this tree and I wasn’t even born yet you know? But for some reason or another this is what had happened and now I have to spend the rest of my life atoning for this sin or else I’m going to burn in the fiery pits of hell. But God loves me… right?

Okay well I just kind of accepted this because we were being tested on it, and we had mass where we would got through these ridiculous ceremonies. Lord I am not worthy, but only say the word and I shall be healed. I felt no spiritual connection to any of this. To be honest the only thing I felt was complete and utter boredom, so I would rip up the little pamphlet things and fold paper cranes.

But it was drilled into my head basically that this was God. He was this old white dude who lives in the clouds and watches you… which is a really creepy concept if you think about it. And somehow men use his authority to tell other people what to do. And people listen.

And honestly, I think most people listen because they’re followers. I was never baptized, my family never chose to baptize me even though three other siblings were baptized and this used to stress me out because I was told that in the Bible it said that unbaptized people go to hell. You don’t tell a child they are going to hell, you just don’t.

But I suppose I can see the draw of heaven and why you would want to do good so you can gain access into that all exclusive vip pearly white party.

Honestly though, I am only seeing now what a giant joke this all is. I’m not saying there is no God, in fact I know there is a God, it’s just not the same God I think of because when the word God is thrown around I associate it with old white dude. God implies that there is an entity that is separate, and he sits up in his ivory tower looking down at everyone and judging everyone. And if you read the old testament this guy is kind of a giant prick (He made Abraham almost kill is only son just to prove his loyalty? Not cool God… Not cool)

And I know now that Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamism, they are all just people trying to describe the same thing, this oneness that they feel, because there is something greater and I have felt it. But when I felt it I was probably as far away from a church as I could possibly be. But in school we just learned that other people have their religions, but until they accept Jesus as their lord and savior they can’t come to the after party.

And about Jesus. I would liked to have met this guy because I do believe that Jesus was in on this big cosmic joke, but honestly I want to know what he thinks about how much men have taken his words and construed them, manipulated his good intentions to build this empire. I am royally pissed off at the pope and all those other old white dudes who sit up their on their golden thrones.

Another thing though, perhaps what confuses and angers me the most is how women fit into the picture. The example held up for women in the church is…. a virgin?

No offense Mary, but God tweaked the rules a little and gave you a freebie pass at birth to be born without the stain of original sin. Perfection and purity… that’s a pretty tough standard to live up, am I right ladies?

The sacred feminine is pretty much shat on because any sort of sexuality needs to be repressed so a woman can be the subservient little housewife to her husband.

And on top of that Jesus was celibate? Really church? You’re going to try and pull that one over on me? I think that someone was so scared of the power that females hold that they were like, okay group meeting guys, let’s huddle up. Females have some powerful shit going on and our huge masculine egos can’t have them screwing up our shit. Once they know the complete power they have then we are basically f***** so here’s the plan…

Yeah, I feel like that’s what happened or something.

But back to going to a Catholic school. I think it taught me some pretty solid morals, but I just don’t agree with Christianity, and I think people need to stop being followers. I mean if religion makes you feel good, then awesome. But you don’t need to claim any religion if you just want a freebie pass to some “heaven” that may or may not exist. For that matter why identify with any social construct. Why is our society so fucking obsessed with labeling everything? Why cant we just be?

I’m kind of sorry if I offended anyone, but then again I don’t really give a fuck.

5 am


It is 5 am.
I have a horrible headache and my right arm feels as if it has been cut off and reattached.
Was last night worth it?
Fuck yes.
Last night was probably the best night of my first year of college. Ironically it’s the last night I’m here as I leave today. So to sum up my experiences in a few sentences here is what I learned from this year:

1. It’s okay to be outgoing.
I know this one’s probably pretty obvious to most people but for some reason I’ve always been scared to talk to people. Maybe I’m afraid that they will judge me or something (which is a stupid fear to begin with.) Well if they judge me for being outgoing then obviously I know that I probably shouldn’t be hanging out with them in the first place right?

2. Definitely have liquor before beer. Have anything before beer on that note.

3. Don’t hang out with people you don’t want to hang out with.
This one is huge for me. I almost feel like I’ve wasted an entire year hanging around people who are completely… Well I don’t want to put anyone down but let’s just say on the shallow end of the swimming pool. As much as this bums me out that I didn’t find the people I could really connect with until the end of semester, this was a valuable lesson I needed to learn. I know the difference now between people I do and don’t want to hang out with.

4. It’s okay to be alone too.
I’m still learning this one. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

5. Bunnies don’t make good dorm room pets. Especially when they want to claw the shit out of your arm.

6. Be yourself.
Another obvious one but it is still a valuable lesson I learned. We’ve been told this our entire lives and I’ve always thought… Well yes obviously. Who else would I be right? This one’s tricky. Trying to fit in can sneak up on you. Aside, I’m fucking awesome and people deserve to see that.

7. Well I don’t really have a seven. I don’t know why I have silly string in my hair either. Oh I know! If your roommates boyfriend is smoking weed in your room that happens to be by the student center. Just get out. Leave the room. I don’t care if it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re trying to sleep. Getting written up is just not worth it.

And on that note I’m going to try to catch some Zzs before I have to finish cleaning the atrocity that is my room.
I think I smoked a Cuban cigar last night.
Okay good night!

Creative Project- First Draft


A rough draft of a creative piece I have to write for my english class. It is inspired by the poem “Cinderella” by Olga Broumas and also by the character Laura Brown from “The Hours.”

*                                                             *                                                          *

“Mom! Mom! Wake up mom it’s you’re birthday!”

Cindy slowly peeled her eyelids open, letting the first cracks of daylight assault her from the ugly pink drapes facing her bedroom. She had been having such a nice dream. She tried to recall what she had been dreaming about. She was running, running towards a soft light. She ran, pushing her legs as fast as they would take her reaching, stretching toward this faint light growing brighter as she ran.

“MOM you have to wake up it’s your birthday!”

Cindy accelerated into reality. The adrenaline from her dream slowly seeped away until the wisps of her slumber were replaced by that familiar sinking feeling in the pit of her gut. She didn’t get up right away, she hardly ever did.
She lay still, catching the last few moments until finally she gave way to the incessant tugging on the blankets.

She turned slowly to face her son. Her son. She stared at the unrepressed excitement in Johnny’s face. In the background her husband John looked on with a serene glow.
“Johnny why don’t you get mommy’s birthday present ready for her,” John said across the room. Johnny skittered away, absolutely elated at the thought. John walked across the room and sat down by his wife.
“Happy Birthday honey,” he said happily.
“Thank you dear.”
Cindy hesitated.
“I’ll let you get ready then.” John flashed his crest whitened smile. He closed the door quietly on his way out.

Cindy breathed out softly. She sat up and looked out of the ugly pink curtains. She absolutely hated these curtains. They distorted the trees outside and made the houses looked like giant pink boxes. She stared out of the window, emotionless.
Slowly, daintily, she lifted herself off of the bed and sat down in front of the dresser. The unfamiliar face stared back at her. Her soft freckled skin and light brown hair looked the same, but those eyes. Those eyes. They haunted her every reflection, throwing sharp shadows of disappointment at her with every look. Slowly she brushed her hair and slid on a jeweled green headband. A green calf length dress followed, slipping down onto her thin frame. She completed the outfit with a white belt and the diamond earrings John had gotten her for their anniversary. 
Cindy uncapped her red Chanel no. 5 lipstick and traced the outline of her lips, giving them a façade of fullness. She closed her eyes.
That red, the same color as the old Ford truck her father used to let her take out on the weekends.
It was a time of freedom. She ran wild that summer, with no regards about the future. No cares about the war or the looming threat of financial security, or lack there of. There was only her. The summer of June.

One Sunday they drove that old Ford down to the coast. June was sitting in the front seat, an absolute vision. Cindy’s hands were shaking. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her entire life. She gripped the steering wheel tightly even though the car was parked near the seashore.
June turned to her, raising her dimples on either side of her face like masts on a ship. Her lips spoke miles. Those lips and a single raised eyebrow made her exquisitely haunting. She leaned in and delicately placed her lips to meet Cindy’s. Her soft cool lips tasted like the salty summer that they had spent together. She looked up after a moment, tilting her head coyly, her eyes blazing through those thick lashes. She laughed and soon became a flash of blonde hair taking off across the beach, leaving Cindy awestruck in her effeminate charm.
“Mom are you coming?”
The boy’s muffled voice jolted
Cindy’s eyes back onto the crestfallen woman in the mirror. A single sand dollar lay propped up against her dresser. She picked it up, stroking it gently before setting it down. She slowly got up, resting her hand on the doorknob for a moment. With a gentle turn of the knob she followed the tumultuous voices into the kitchen.