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Coming Home


Wow, it is weird to be home after 5 months of living in California. It is nice but strange at the same time.

I have been really stressed out lately with having to find a new place to live while simultaneously preparing from my best friend to move here and join forces with me.
I haven’t had the “home” sense (security I guess would be a better word) in the five months that I’ve been away.

I guess the first thing I noticed is that so many things here remind me of Thomas, like his old journal that I forgot he left here and a t-shirt I found in my drawer. It makes me sad, but I refuse to dwell on the past. That was a different world and we are different people now.

More importantly, I must stay grounded in the present. I did not come over here to reminisce about the past, my mission on this trip is two fold:
One: to detox from the mostly ungrounding and at times stressful space that is the bay area. Coming home is like a bank of fog in my brain being lifted. I need to use this time to ground myself and prepare for my return to the bay area. I will be coming back with best friend in tow and the two of us have big plans. ~Will elaborate more on that in a later post.
Two: To trace my family lineage as far back as I can. I saw in my heart that I need to do this. Where do I come from? This is a pivotal question that I must answer in order to understand who I am and  hopefully in turn will help guide me toward who I will become.

I will use these 10 days to center myself before being thrust back into the madness of evil land lords and cuffed jeans with crew cut socks.



Just holding a portal into another dimension