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A Fishy Revelation


My sister’s fish just had babies. As I write this there are perhaps a dozen teeny little guppies the size of rice grains bobbing to and fro among the plastic lotus flowers and fake rocks in the fish tank. My sister and I squealed with delight when we saw this. We crowded around the tank like children and stared in awe at these tiny little fish babies.
The problem we encountered last time “Aphrodite” gave birth was that she and pappa “Hermes” started to eat their babies! I looked on a guppy forum and this is actually completely normal behavior for some reason or another. So we swooped to the rescue and transplanted the babies into a flower vase that we put into the tank so that they can still be in the tank with maternity ward type situation until they are big enough not to get eaten by mom/dad.
We spent at least 30 minutes carefully scooping up each of the fry, taking care not to hurt them or make the transition all the more traumatic.
The reason I’m blabbing on about these guppies (which aren’t even mine) is because I had something of a mini revelation. After my sister had gone to a friends house, I came in the room and noticed that several of the guppies didn’t make it into the vase. I was pretty worried that they would get eaten, so I carefully scooped them out making sure that I wasn’t hurting them and that their time out of the water would be minimal. Instead of just plopping them in, I submersed the net so they could swim out themselves. While sitting on the floor staring up at the stupid tank with a picture of the golden gate bridge as the backdrop I realized how incredibly ironic this whole situation was.
Here I was so concerned over these guppies as if they were my own children, yet I didn’t bat an eyelash at the salmon salad I had for lunch yesterday. I’ve heard enough “bad” things about the food industry to make me never want to eat meat again, or any other type of food actually (from bleached soaked baby carrots to cinnamon with ground wood chips it’s a terrifying world we live in folks) but the truth is meat is delicious. I’ve been down the vegetarian route and I’m not going to deny that I always come back, tail between the legs, if only for a juicy grass fed cheese burger… with avocado. So I won’t ever scoff at anyone who does eat meat (because I am one of you… if only on the inside)

The truth is I just can’t justify eating that hamburger when I feel this feeling in the pit of my stomach… past the rumbling hunger pains… that it’s just not in my own nature to eat animals.

I just hate the whole mantra surrounding vegetarianism.

I’m going to go watch Finding Nemo now in celebration of the fish babies… and maybe in the hopes of convincing myself that these little guppies are more than just complete spazoids who swim into the tank walls all day. It’s not their fault, I would probably do that too if I were stuck inside of a tank. Fish tanks depress me a little bit… And animal enclosures in general.

On that cheery note ❤


“Fish are friends not food!”


Things Disney Movies and Taylor Swift Taught Me That I Now Have To Unlearn


Like most kids my parents let me watch disney movies when I was growing up.
And like most kids I had every single movie on video tape, and I would watch them… on repeat.
I was especially attracted to the princess movies, I mean… what little girl doesn’t watch Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and idealize abut the day when her knight in shining armor is going to ride up and whisk her off into the sunset. It’s a nice fantasy and it made me feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside; it still does from time to time and lately Disney has been airing some of my favorite movies from the good old days. I had some time to sit down and ponder how these movies affected me and other girls growing up, and now that I think about it I can imagine that some of the messages kids might unintentionally take away from these movies can severely mess with their idea of what it means to live “happily ever after.”

Take for example…

The fact that the names of the princes from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc are not really important (or even mentioned??) Props to you if you can remember any of their names. It seems that it doesn’t really matter what their names are… just that they are tall, handsome, light on their feet, and have the white horse thing going for them. Even in movies where the protagonist is a guy like Quasimodo, besides being caring, compassionate, and an all around great guy, he ends up getting friend zoned because Esmerelda would rather be with… what’s his name again??
So what does this mean for little girls all over the world who fantasize about their princes. Does personality  matter or do they just need to have a dazzling smile and a deep wallet?

Having to compromise yourself to win the princes affections. I know from personal experience that girls do this all the time. A girl can be completely normal, but when there is a guy(s) around she goes into psycho flirt mode and cannot let any part of her actual self seep through this vicious facade. Ariel did it. I mean she swapped her fins for legs and gave up one of the most incredible things about her, her freaking voice. But hey, it’s not like she had anything important to say right?

Shout out to Taylor Swift on this next one. Go for the jerks because deep down they really are good guys, they just treat you like dirt because they have an inferiority complex. Belle put up with aggressive and verbal abuse from beast, but it payed off in the end when he turned into the hot prince. T Swift is probably the epitome of this example because 16 times out of 16 she goes for the assholes. She’s even started owning up to this in her songs… I mean come on “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” ? Really, but you went for it any way… what kind of message is this giving to young impressionable girls?

Beauty, not hard work, will get you things. This one was pretty much the moral story of Cinderella. Yes she worked her ass off, but at the end of the day the Prince chose her because she was beautiful and she had impossibly small feet…

And my favorite one of all and probably the biggest lesson that girls come away with: you need a guy to complete you. You need a prince charming to make your life worth living. Mulan wasn’t good enough for Shang until she saved an entire country. Every story ends with the princess living happily ever after, even if it means compromising everything about herself. In the end it’s worth it because it has been drilled into our heads that this is the end all be all of happiness. It’s the fairytale ending that little girls everywhere dream of having. It’s the reason why the wedding industry makes billions of dollars on couture lace gowns and white doves, and also why 50% of marriages end in divorce. There is no happily ever after, there is only right now and if you love some one, forget all of the bullshit expectations and accept them for who they really are. I’m going to wrap this up with one of my favorite quotes:

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

And also a collection of my favorite disney hipster princess memes… I enjoyed picking these out way too much










And we can’t forget Taylor…